VR Shooter Guns

VR Shooter Guns: adrenalin rushing fast-paced action!

Easy to pick up, hard to master! Skill, speed and tactics are required. You’ll get so sweaty that you can skip the gym afterwards.

VR Shooter Guns was designed for use in Arcades from the ground up. Operators have a wide array of option to customize the players experience.

VR Shooter Guns is available in nine languages: English, French, German, Portuguese-Brazil, Russian, Simplified Chinese, Spanish, Korean, Japanese

You can create a leaderboard just for yourself and host a challenge for a group of customers.

Lock down the interface: your customers just enter their name and are ready to go!

Choose how long your customers can play: 15 or 30 minutes, without limit, or a custom time limit you set yourself.

You can get more information about VR Shooter Guns on the offical website, including a comprehensive arcade owner guide as PDF: http://vrsg.cykyria.com