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NEW: Play with A.I. bots! In order to ensure anyone can play with a full lobby and experience the full game at any time, we are proud to announce that after a lot of hard work we have added A.I. bots

After Dark VR is the first VR online co-op survival horror where you play as either a Hunter on the hunt to strike down your next victim or as Survivors working together to stay alive and escape. 6 Hunters in 6 Maps are Available Now with many more to come!

- Immersive VR Horror Experience

- High Quality Maps

- In-Game Chat

- A.I. Bots

Objective for the Hunter is to use brute force striking down the Survivors locking them away in a Cage so they can't escape.

Objective for Survivors is to turn on 4 Fuse Boxes so the Exit Gate powers on allowing them out of the area they're trapped in with the Hunter.

Fuse Boxes are located all around the Map. Survivors need to find a Fuse Box and turn all levers from OFF to ON then power on with Handle. If done incorrectly, the levers will reset. Light will switch from Red to Green once powered on. Note: The Hunter can interact with the Fuse Boxes and reset progress made.

Once Survivors power on 4 Fuse Boxes they can escape through the Exit Gate and win.

When the Hunter strikes down a Survivor the Survivor enters Spectate Mode and their body spawns in a Cage somewhere in the Map. Survivors can free teammates by pulling the lever beside the Cage the Survivor is trapped in.

The Hunter must strike down all Survivors to win.

Police Station
NEW Highschool

4 friends are renting a house near a Music Festival for a weekend getaway where there just so happens to be a ruthless Hunter on the loose. After trying to leave, they quickly realize the Hunter has turned off the exit's power, leaving them trapped until they figure out how to power on their escape!

The developers describe the content as:

This Game may contain content not appropriate for all ages: Frequent Violence or Blood, General Mature Content

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