Ashen Arrows

Ashen Arrows is a rouge-like wave-defense adventure-game, where the player defends their base from continuous waves of varied enemies as a Viking Archer. Use different skills, arrows, modifiers from your roster, and choose different approaches to deal with your foes - the possibilities are endless - every round, every run is different! So go for the "god-run", or just play through the atmospheric, narrated story mode, introducing the saga of a heroic hunter, and their mighty quest towards the end of the world!

- Saga mode -

With three, narrated, scenic tutorial maps - teaching the basics of movement and combat, game-mechanics and tactics - the players are introduced to the story of a heroic hunter and their mighty quest. The journey continues on three more maps to discover the origin of the corruption spreading over the nine realms. The Saga mode has been designed to be a single-player experience only.

- Bastion mode -

This mode features 4 maps of different realms from north mythology. It focuses on infinite replayability, thanks to the roguelike elements incorporated into the gameplay, consisting of randomized skill-pool, loot, enemies, modifiers and so on. Keep playing to unlock more skills and go for the "god-run"!

- CO-OP mode -

The co-op gameplay allows up to three players to join forces and play together in the Bastion game mode. Playing with friends offers a completely different and enjoyable experience, because it adds an element of teamwork and coordination that can make the gameplay more exciting.