About This Game

Creep Rides is a pack of 3 virtual reality rides on a track, just like the haunted mansion ride that you may have tried in an amusement park.
It's not a roller coaster.
The first theme ride is a trip to the hell of course if you ben a nasty person.
The second is in an abandoned gold mine that progress in caves with glowing vegetations and creepy creatures.
The third ride is a tour of an old creepy gory castle.
The best way to experience those rides is to sit on a chair.

1- Place a real chair over the virtual (torture) chair at the beginning of the experience.
2- Select a ride by touching one of the magic bubbles, in front of you, with one of your virtual hands or by using your keyboard.
-key a for ride 1.
-key b for ride 2.
-key c for ride 3.
-key r for the main menu.

Make sure that you have a real chair before sitting down in the virtual chair because you might hurt yourself.