Dance Collider

Dance Collider

  • Available for: PCVR
It's your time to become a dance master and take down Uriel!
Battle 9 of the best dancers from around the globe and compete on global leaderboards. Featuring 45 Songs by F-777 and a VR dance editor, Dance Collider is the ultimate dance and rhythm game.

Featuring 45 original songs by artist F-777

  • Intense arcade dance action for VR.
  • Energetic dance patterns that will have you working up a sweat.
  • Hand-crafted battles set to original music.

  • 9 characters to challenge, each with their own distinct style.
  • Unique, motion captured dances for every song.
  • Can you survive each character's signature moves?

Mixed Reality powered by LIV

Create custom dances all within VR! Load any of your favourite songs and artists and start creating.
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