District Steel

Developer's Note: If you are new to VR, we suggest playing a few other VR games first, before playing this one!

Sent from an alternate dimension, SenTRI corporation robots are occupying various locations on Earth and are preparing for an all out AI takeover. There is only one person left to put an end to this...

Half human, half machine, you are equipped with a mechanical arm that gives special time bending powers, while in the other hand wielding a selection of deadly weapons. Blast your way through the underground facility, smashing robot skulls and going in guns blazing. Can you reach the Central AI Core? Can Earth still be saved?

District Steel is a full locomotion VR action game, inspired by the FPS classics. Brought to you by two long time gamers, first time developers, we hope you enjoy our game!

  • Full locomotion gameplay: smooth movement, climbing, rocket jumping, crouch sliding.
  • Intense gunplay against a variety of enemy types.
  • Fully handcrafted sci-fi environments.
  • Optimized for PCVR: forward rendering, baked lighting, MSAA.
  • Quick Save and Load anywhere in the level, take a break whenever you like.
  • And many other quality of life mechanics from the VR games that came before us.