FREEDIVER: Triton Down

FREEDIVER: Triton Down

About This Game

FREEDIVER: Triton Down is a fully interactive single-player adventure experience in VR. Ren Tanaka is a freediver, capable of swimming to incredible depths without the use of scuba gear. A close call on her last dive has kept her landlocked for months, but when her mentor Dr. Lindstrom, an eccentric and brilliant scientist, claims to have made a stunning discovery in an underwater cavern, Ren decides to return to the deep.

Survive a harrowing nautical disaster as Ren Tanaka, a world-class freediver.

Oxygen is your only resource, the rising seawater your greatest adversary.

Navigate virtual spaces with intuitive dive and swim movement.

Stay calm, think fast, and use your environment to escape.

Handcrafted music and SFX from an award-winning audio team.

Dive into vivid underwater environments, brought to life in UE4.

Commercial License Available On:
  • SynthesisVR
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