Multiplayer! (1-6 players)
Instant Lobby Setup!
Easy Controls!
Controller friendly Gameplay!
Linear level design to prevent cord tangling!

Guardians VR is an arcade exclusive multiplayer experience designed by arcade owners and built from the ground up to maximize the arcade experience for novice and experienced players alike.

Take control of one of the 4 Guardians’ classes and use their unique powers to fight your way through beautiful and varied environments to make your way to the Archdemon ToR'rac and put an end to his nefarious plot to relocate his hordes to your realm. Your customers can now relish the feel of the classic hack and slash experience in a whole new way without spending precious time to learn complicated inventory systems, over-engineered combat or reading a dozen menus. This is instant satisfaction that will keep them coming back for more.

Instantly setup 1-4 players in automatic local lobbies by simply launching the sessions at the same time.

Automatic host migration if a session ends for any reason.

Teleport and attack mechanics are simple to learn for any age but have the option advanced attacks that can be learned intuitively without changing any settings.

Start from any level for returning customers.

Epic boss fights, over a dozen different enemy classes, creative but simple physics-based puzzles, one of a kind combat, and unique levels to keep players engaged throughout the entire experience.