• SynthesisVR Leaderboard support
  • Play with bots
  • Fixed waiting issue (when 8-10 PC launched some PC may be stall on waiting screen)

  • Fixed sporadic launch crashes
  • Added Valve Index support

HeadGun is a multiplayer PvP and Co-Op shooter for 2—10 players designed especially for the VR arcades by DreamVR and published by RevolVR3 team.

Through a special way of locomotion, we created an incredible immersion in a small physical space with no motion sickness. We’ve made our game easy to understand, so players spend less time learning and more time playing. Take control over a technological robohead: use your guns to move between platforms, shoot your enemies and capture the flag! Fight in different locations and show your best. The game has 3 different game modes: Capture the flag, Team Deathmatch and classic Deathmatch. Depending on the number of players and the game mode, the maps will also change in their configuration.


  • Best option for a tournament event or a party.
  • Esports grade game.
  • Simple but very realistic way of teleportation with no motion sickness
  • Single button control. Zero learning curve
  • Integrated Tutorial for those who never played the game
  • No blood. No aggression. 0+
  • Transformable maps depending on number of players
  • A vast verity of settings for the arcade owners and advanced players
Note: Vive Focus 3 controller support is coming soon!