B Block Breakout

  • Free-Roam:
    square_foot (ft)square_foot (m)people

  • New Language: Español
  • New Language: Catalan
  • The game server requirement has been eliminated, though you can still make use of one if you choose to.
  • New: If you're using a game server, you have the option to incorporate a spectator view on your secondary screen.
  • Up-to-date PCVR + Standalone (Focus 3 / Quest 2+3 / Pico 3+4)
  • Quality-of-Life improvements
  • To optimize your operational experience, ensure that you are using SynthesisVR versions 3.21.2 for Windows and 2.11.8 for Android.

Introducing Plucky Wombat's exciting inaugural digital escape experience. Find a way out of the confines of a high-security prison & work as a team to escape to freedom.

Will you make it out?

Experience the anxiety of incarceration in a high-security prison, traversing through various intricately detailed prison interiors. Relive the thrill of trying to find a way out to freedom.


Getting out of a high security prison wasn't ever going to be a cakewalk. Logic, deductive reasoning, and at times pure luck are going to be the tools that will make all the difference.

B Block Breakout - Players 1

A Game Master can monitor the game to provide hints if needed; or turn on the auto-hint system and let the game provide hints to help the players escape on time.


Players must find a way to work together to make their way through every puzzle, obstacle and checkpoint. It's a perfect team-building or resolve-testing activity for friends and family.

B Block Breakout - Players 2