Killer Tennis

Killer Tennis is an exciting, all-ages cyber-sport game that transforms classic tennis into a virtual world filled with enthralling surprises. Gather your family and friends for unforgettable, violence-free fun.
Game Mechanics:

Players aim to "knock out" as many opponents as possible with the ball, relying on accuracy and strategy. The game is completely safe and suitable for children, offering joyful and dynamic entertainment.

Bonuses and Features:

Transform balls into various objects, from ice cream to "shotgun balls", change the size of the rackets or use fun items instead. Each bonus brings a new element of surprise and fun to the game.

Levels and Soundtrack:

The game includes three unique levels with intriguing architecture and a Synthwave-style soundtrack, ensuring variety and enjoyment in gameplay.

Multiplayer Mode:

Supports two, three, or four-player games, making Killer Tennis an ideal choice for friendly gatherings or family entertainment.

Collecting Bonuses:

By hitting specific icons with the ball, players can collect various bonuses, each making the game even more exciting and unpredictable.

Killer Tennis awaits you your friends and your family to offer a world of fun, competition, and thrilling gameplay moments!