• Adds a new starting area: the basement.
  • Fixes buttons that were hard to click - previously, buttons could only be clicked with the tip of the fingers.
  • Adds shockproof mode - if the player dies, they are teleported back to the starting position. Shockproof mode can be toggled in the basement using a switch near the table tennis area. By default, it is on.
  • Adds a new first task: bring milk to the fridge.
  • Changes the ball task note to make it more easily understandable.
  • Fixes a teleportation issue where an object dragged to a new location would not teleport correctly - this could cause, for example, a sponge to be stuck behind the counter.
  • Adds a locker where the player must put their hand into to restart the game - necessary for shockproof mode.

Who said chores were boring?

It's just you and a list of tasks, with your parents counting on you to get them done! Sounds easy, right? But here's the catch: while tasks like charging your phone seem straightforward, the household is peppered with electrifying surprises!

As you start doing chores, you'll quickly notice that things aren't as simple as they seem. Be careful and look around - every task has a cheeky challenge waiting for you.

Join the fun and navigate through the light-hearted challenges of everyday life. Can you outsmart the house and complete your list zap-free? Only one way to find out! Dive in and tackle that to-do list with a smile.

From Our VR Arcade to Yours

"TaskTwist" isn't just a product of creative game design; it's borne out of our dual expertise as both VR game developers and VR arcade owners. We've tailored it especially for kids and VR newcomers, ensuring it's a perfect fit for arcades like ours – and yours.