Fear of the Dark

Playing Fear of the Dark is a terrifying experience. All lights have gone out and the village has been taken over by the creatures from your worst nightmares. The mission for you and your coplayers is to protect the torchcarrier as he wanders the village looking for a way out.

Expect to encounter:

  • Zombies
  • Wolfs
  • Werewolfs
  • Monsters
  • Giants
  • Evil bats
  • and more.

Tread carefully, be alert, shoot with precision and you might just make it out alive.


  • You can play singlepayer or up to five people in the same game. Play with strangers online or create a password protected room for your friends.
  • The amount and strength of the enemies is adjusted based on the number of people.
  • There is four difficulty modes to choose from, starting from Easy and ending at Superhard.
  • You can play with either Flintlock Pistol, Longbow or Crossbow.
  • The game offers both locomotion and teleport (for those who easily get nausea from VR).