Holybots Arena

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Imagine a world where service robots, usually dedicated to do the job in a cyber-futuristic lab, rebel and engage in fierce battles over mysterious artifact fragments.
Yes, you read that right: robots duking it out for random pieces of stuff.
And no, these aren’t Roomba vacuum cleaners zapping each other with lasers.
No, in Holybots Arena, you step into the metallic shoes of these robots, and trust me, they’re not here to do the dishes!
Get ready to dodge, cover behind walls or holographics firewalls, and strategize. Because in this arena, victory isn’t just about mindless laser pew-pew.
It’s about working together with your team, coordinating attacks, and outsmarting your opponents.
Those artifact fragments? They’re not just shiny trinkets—they’re the keys to victory.
And if your teammate gets desactivated, it’s up to you to secure their fragment and keep the dream alive!
So, assemble your crew, fine-tune your tactics, and prepare for epic clashes. In Holybots Arena, it’s not just about individual skill;
it’s about synergy. Can your team communicate effectively under fire? Can you adapt when the enemy changes strategy?
And most importantly, can you snatch victory from the jaws of defeat?
VR Arcade owners, gear up to welcome competitive players and create a community around Holybots Arena.
And remember: in this universe, robots aren’t here to tidy up;they're here to become the chosen ones of the artifact cult.