IgKnight Food Fight Arcade

  • Free-Roam:
    square_foot (ft)square_foot (m)people
    2 X 13.0x10.02 X 4.0x3.02-4
After months of hard work battling darkness, the IgKnights gather to have a great feast at the Guild Hall.
All was going well until right in the middle of the hall, a scuffle broke out. What started off as a small argument spiraled into an all out food war throughout the great hall. Thus the IgKnight tradition of the Food Fight Grand Battle was formed.
Challenge your friends and others to a food fight competition in VR!
Up to 4 person multiplayer - Gather some friends (or enemies) to form teams and have some 1v1, 1v2 or 2v2 food fights! 30 se conds to see which team gets the most hits!

Throwing food is fun! Grab some food from the table and throw it at your opponent face! (or your team mate if you are sadistic)

Watch it splatter your face or opponent's face.

Use Power Up balls for special attacks like force blast and more

Arcade Special Edition

Operator shortcut window to get to the gameplay quickly

Spectator Cameras for a more engaging audience view, possible green screen mixed reality usage

All seasonal skins unlocked

LAN multiplayer

Setup Documentations and Press Kit available at https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1OKtpU09lbX-l4NypSCeL9mzUliGk3WzM?usp=sharing