Jolly Island

Ahoy castaways!

Sailors on a fierce ship, you unfortunately find yourself stranded on an unknown beach.
But don’t panic, as Captain Rackham will help you rebuild your ship before the volcanoes of the island make your mustache roast! Gather ressources (wood and iron) to do so, and take the opportunity to explore and admire all the things on your way! Who knows, maybe could you find some forgotten treasures...
The challenge is to gather as much ressources as you can, get lost in the jungle or the caves, call your friends to open secret chests, and overall... Have fun!

Jolly Island is a family game of farming. It is made to be joyful, fun, colorful, and cooperative, while taking place in an exotic and enchanted environment.
The players are stranded sailors on a beach, as they meet Rackham, a pirate ghost, and his loyal toucan Jolly. thanks to their help, the players must find and gather ressources (wood and iron) to allow them to rebuild the ship before the Island’s Volcanoes comes into eruption.
A mix between Wandering, Farming , Exploration and Treasure Hunting, the game will suit the will of its players.
⭐ A family friendly game, fun and cooperative, a treasure hunt in a paradise-like landscape. ⭐ Intuitive gestures: Chop wood and mine ores as if you really were! ⭐ Easy handling from 7 to 77 years old. ⭐ An environment between Paradise Island, Ocean beauty and Pirate Adventure!

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