• Free-Roam:
    square_foot (ft)square_foot (m)people
Oddball is a game for two teams of up to 8 players competing to secure the most points within a unique and highly replayable world where power-ups come in the form of hotdogs and turning your opponents into giant pineapples will help you get closer to oddball domination!

  • Game types: Player vs Player, Team vs Team
  • 2 different maps
  • Players: 2-8
  • Arena: 8x10m
  • Headset: Quest
  • Observer mode: Run on the same network shows all of the action to external viewers

“There are so many factors that make Oddball a totally unique gaming experience — from the amazingly vibrant world and the ability to explore it freely, to the repeatable gameplay and panda avatars that add to the great social experience”
Brent Bushnell
CEO & Co-Founder Two Bit Circus