• Visual upgrade for rowers/drums/hammers
  • 6 new environments related to different songs: Midgard, Alfheim, Nidavellir, Asgard, Muspelheim, Helheim
  • 3 new Very Easy songs: Join the Riot, Welcome to Asgard, Universe on Fire and existing songs have been reworked
  • Modified available playlists and Added a Very Easy playlist
  • New emotes machine behind players to communicate in a fun way
  • Modified combo system with two levels (blue and yellow)
  • New tutorial explaining how to play
  • Launcher option to skip tutorial
  • New lobby for waiting until all players finished the tutorial (with text recap of how to play)
  • Launcher option for game language (French/English)
  • Visual upgrade for player avatar and new launcher option to select avatar gender (H/F)
  • Extra Setting to enable/disable voice chat
  • Extra Setting to set countdown time (before song starts / after song ends)

  • NEW - Auto adjust player height (at startup and when a song starts)
  • Fix - Fixed a bug where a "Playing" panel could appear and not be dismissed
  • Fix - Removed incorrect "New record" and "Personal best" mentions

Are you ready to rock?

Ragnaröck is a solo/multiplayer VR rhythm game in which you play a viking captain competing in a ship race. With your two hammers, crush the incoming runes in sync with epic viking music. Keep hitting the runes perfectly to accumulate combo energy in your hammers, and you will be able to activate a speed boost!

Viking music

Unleash the drummer in you and play to the epic tracks of Alestorm, Gloryhammer, Wind Rose and more. All have a festive viking/celtic/pirate style, which will make you feel the viking power in you!

Simple gameplay

Following the tradition of arcade games, Ragnarock is easy to play, hard to master. To move forward, only your sense of rhythm matters. However, to win the race, you will have to use your skills wisely!

Mythological environments

Ragnaröck transports you to the brave land of the vikings in 6 stylized environments inspired by norse mythology.

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