Rhythmatic 2

  • New: Arabic language pack
  • New: Punch chunks now have reflections
  • Fix: Fixed connectivity issues
  • Fix: The score may not show up at the end of the song
  • Fix: Fine polishing of the SynthesisVR automation
  • Fix: If host leaves, the remaining players are no longer stuck at the end.
  • Visual adjustments

  • Power ups/downs remain if used towards the end of the song
  • Fixed session disclaimer fix
  • Blocks not despawning when using certain powers
  • Multiplayer tutorial error on finish
  • Multiplayer error on power downs

  • Russian & Korean fonts fixed
  • If you pause the game and return to menu the targets and walls from the previous game are still in the alley
  • Tutorial skip button causing issues, we're removing it until this is fixed
  • Playlist loading problems
  • Spectator Cam fixed

In 2020, a new star entered the world of rhythm-based gaming. Released as an LBE exclusive, Rhythmatic soon became a smash hit in VR arcades across the world. It stayed consistently in the top 10 most popular titles and was nominated for the industry's most prestigious awards.

Now, a whole new generation of music games has arrived. Rhythmatic 2 takes the genre to the next level by combining classic slicing with punching, dodging, and power-ups, all set in a breathtakingly detailed new environment.

Players find themselves transported to the year 2050, where biotechnology allows humans to see music as a series of icons, leading to the birth of Rhythmatic tournaments as a global esport. Play solo, in competitions, or with friends in multiplayer mode. Hone your skills to represent your country in the global leaderboard, experience a whole new library of incredible music, and utilize power-ups to boost your score or disadvantage your opponents.

Critically acclaimed as the best music game to date, the era of Rhythmatic has truly begun. In Rhythmatic 2, players will experience an innovative and immersive rhythm game that pushes the boundaries of the genre. Slice, punch, dodge, and utilize power-ups to the beat of the music and work your way up the global leaderboard. With a library of incredible music and a breathtakingly detailed new environment, Rhythmatic 2 is the ultimate rhythm game experience.

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