Snow Fortress 2

Build, Defend, Stay FROSTY!

Get ready for the ultimate winter showdown! Welcome to Snow Fortress 2, a thrilling sequel to one of the first VR games, Snow Fortress. Embark on a frosty adventure as you build snow forts and defend the snowy village. Perfect for all ages and playable on Meta Quest, SteamVR, and Pico platforms.

In Snow Fortress 2, you become the architect of your own snowy fortress. With improved fort building mechanics, you can create a sturdy igloo, a towering ice castle, or anything in between! Let your creativity run wild as you assemble blocks of snow and ice into a mighty stronghold.

But remember - your fortress isn't just for show. An army of menacing snowmen are ready to challenge your fortitude! With more enemies than ever before, you'll need to be strategic and quick on your feet to dodge incoming snowballs and fight back.

Snowball fights have never been this intense! With better mechanics and a wider range of weapons, you'll be ducking, throwing, and strategizing like a pro. From the classic hand-packed snowball to the powerful Snow Cannon, you'll have a blast defending your fortress and taking down the frosty foes.

Snow Fortress 2 introduces an improved multiplayer experience. Team up with more friends and family in cooperative mode or challenge them in exciting player versus player matches.

Join us on this frosty adventure and prepare for the ultimate snowball fight in Snow Fortress 2. Build, defend, and STAY FROSTY!