Speak of the Devil

Awoken by a nightmare, you find yourself alone in your tent. A couple has set up camp uncomfortably close to your campsite. They are looking for something ancient. Undeterred by rumors of cult worship, and the various missing-persons reports over the years, they set off into territory clearly marked ‘no trespassing’. Compelled by an urge to follow, you set off to explore this isolated forest.

As you venture deeper into the unknown parts of the wood, you discover strange burned effigies, bloody pentagrams, and mysterious runes–is there truth to this woman’s story?

Screams pierce the stillness of the forest. Something ancient and demonic has awoken. Will you be able to escape with your life?

Speak of the Devil" takes a dark and sinister twist to a Blair Witch style narrative, mesh narrative and "choose your own adventure" capability for VR. The interactive narrative takes viewers on a terrifying camping trip they will never forget--if they survive. With live-action cinematic visuals and game engine-powered interactivity, “Speak of the Devil” arms players with the freedom to explore several story paths that lead to different outcomes--resulting in 12 ways to die and only ONE way out.

The story begins with you camping, reflecting in front of a campfire in a peaceful, quiet forest. Your tranquility is suddenly interrupted when you are noticed by a couple, Lindsey and Brian, who are pitching a tent several feet away and then begin to approach you.

After meeting Lindsey and Brian, you learn that they are conducting research for Lindsey’s Ph.D thesis paper about lost civilizations. As she shows you her research, you become intrigued with the revelation that there are ancient secrets hidden among the tall forest trees. The couple leaves to search for ruins and vanish in the trees, leaving you to wander off and explore at your own leisure.

The forest is a bit ominous and you notice some strange runes carved into the trees. Upon further exploration, you find Lindsey standing next to what appears to be an ancient civilization’s alter surrounded by dried blood. Thrilled at the sight in front of her, she begins to read ancient script and unknowingly the awakening has begun. Brian can be heard shouting for help in the distance and you are left to decide your next move