About This Game

Vhaip (Virtual Hunting Artificial Intelligence Program ) is an experience where the players will be chased by raptors in a dark jungle, the players have to find how to survive until help arrive.
Challenge your friends in co-op against AI / friends or play in solo ! If you don't have Vr mates don't worry, you can host public session and find mates into our community !
For people that want to let off steam with guns, we got you ! With the secondary gamemode "carnage" you will have fun with revolvers and tones of raptors !
Will you survive ?


-Tutorial to learn the basics, you will learn how to survive in vhaip and how to control a raptor.

-Customisation system, Skin unlocked by achievements. up to 10 different skins.

1 Player: You will play alone in the dark jungle of Vhaip and you have to try to survive and call help by reconnecting antennas.

2 to 4 players, you can set the game to play against ai raptors or be the raptor against your friend/s.
Launch the game and the system determine randomly which player will be the raptor.

2 gamemode :
Classical : find antennas and reactivate the contact with rescue and survive until help comes.
Carnage : Kill all raptors and survive to them all !

-Lobby fully configurable: AI or not - Number of relay - difficulty - number of enemy - maps.

-4 maps available.

Join our community and find players on discord or our other
social network !
Discord: https://discord.gg/AqeXe5SDeM
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Vhaip
Twitter: https://twitter.com/VHAIPVR