VR Plant Journey

About This Game

Prove your skills in archery, throwing and puzzle. Learn about biology and plants along the way. Beat the high score! Explore playfully the inner workings of a plant from root to flower. Learn about the processes in plant cells, playfully help it grow, and become an excellent plant scientist.

Together with plant researchers of the Leibniz Institute of Plant Genetics and Crop Plant Research, Breakpoint One and Simmation have created a high-quality educational experience. VR Plant Journey teaches children biological knowledge in a playful way. Thanks to fully immersive virtual reality (VR), players are completely immersed in the inner workings of a canola plant, experience the events up close and can even control them.

In three levels - root, leaf and seed - you test out how an optimum of nutrients must be regulated for the development of plant organs.
The unusual learning unit is lightened up by playful elements.
Throw with the basic substances of photosynthesis, carbon dioxide and water in the leaf; in the root, ammonium and nitrate, important plant nutrients, have to be assembled; and in the seed, oil bodies have to be hit with a bow and arrow so that they grow.

The high-quality implementation of the concept is reflected in several internationally renowned awards and award nominations: As part of the science and research project AVATARS: 2021 for the VRnow Award "Best Industry VR". 2021 nomination for the VR Awards "VR Education and Training of the Year". Nomination in 2020 for the Auggie Award "Biggest Societal Impact" and 2020 for the Laval Virtual Award in the category: "VR/AR for Learning and Training".