WW1 Line Of Fire

  • Free-Roam:
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1916, Verdun, Wood of the Caures, you play a French soldier during the Great War of 14-18. For 3 days, you will have to defend your trench with 3 of your brothers-in-arms against the incessant attacks of the German infantry, artillery, air force and tanks.


  • Survive 3 days, 3 different visual atmospheres, face the progressive rise of pressure exerted by the opposing army
  • Defend your trench with your rifle and change weapons to surprise the opposing trench
  • Discover hidden objects to improve your defense and trigger air strikes on enemy lines.
  • Make tactical choices with your allies to improve the offensive or defence of your trench.
  • Communicate and help each other in the face of the offensive.

The experience is based on real facts and is inspired by real newspapers of "Poilus". WW1 Line of Fire was supported by the CNC for its scriptwriting and artistic work.


  • ADAPTABILITY OF THE PLAYING AREAS The game is designed to be operated in various box or free roaming areas. The gameplay is scalable according to the number of players
  • IDEAL FOR CORPORATE SESSIONS Cooperation being at the heart of the gameplay WW1 Line of Fire is perfectly suited for corporate events. The 15 minutes version is ideal to limit the waiting time for your privatization
  • MODES FOR ALL English mode, French mode, bloodless mode: the licence is suitable for all types of visitors.
  • HAPTIC INTEGRATION Link the experience to yout haptic devices (Protube VR, Bhaptic waistcoats) for enhanced immersion.
  • DIVERSITY OF THE PUBLIC PLAYING WW1 Line of Fire offers diverse gameplay mechanics to appeal to all types of players.