Ahoy Famous Pirates and congratulations on finding this beautiful Island!

Before celebrating this new land, you better check around and see if the island is safe for your crew. But why don't you take the balloon out of the dust and take a look from above? Hey, take the small cannon with you - there could be things that are worth being shot! Like that cell over there. I bet there are more.

Go ahead, clean up and get back for the party.

The graphics lead the player through an idyllic, pleasant climate of the equatorial island. No violence or blood - just a relaxing environment. The experiment lasts 4 minutes and is perfect for large events with a big crowd. The game is designed to quickly swap the players in and out without the need of any learning curve. It ideal for first time VR players, kids and adults. The achievement points allows creating of local competitions.

The game supports easy branding through a simple image file replacement.

Please contact SynthesisVR in case you are also looking for a full fledget Balloon setup.