Incarna: Chapter 2

  • New languages: Spanish and Catalan

  • New languages: Ukrainian and Slovak
  • Display of players' lives in % (90/100 becomes 90%)
  • Enlargement of the size of the buttons to display the players' names
  • Possibility to hear the players before the start briefing to test the microphones. (It will stop during the brief, and restart when the players are together).

The dimension known as the “Alpha Aven” is currently undergoing a period of intense instability: structural distortion, environmental alterations, and even gravitational anomalies. Worse still, the chaos is spreading throughout Incarna's entire interdimensional network. The situation is dire. We need you, explorers, to venture into the unknown and find the source of the danger. Will you answer our call?

For better customer satisfaction, we do recommend letting your customers start with Chapter 1. While Chapter 1 get the players familiar with the Incarna's universe, Chapter 2 increases the difficulty and could be harder for inexperienced players.

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Incarna: Chapter 1
Incarna: Chapter 1