Kyber Knights

Multiplayer Game by an Arcade for Arcades

Early Access

If you have any suggestions or find some nasty bugs, please don't hesitate to contact Check out our website and have fun!

Kyber Knights is a Sci-Fi Fantasy multiplayer shooter with some influence from current eSports giants such as Overwatch. We have ran an arcade for two years and tried to make a game perfect for ourselves and every arcade out there. Kyber Knights is an arcade specific and exclusive game, that is now launched to early access. We would love to hear any feedback from arcades around the world.


The games easy controls, interesting classes and intense action makes it ideal for first timers in VR. The three classes all have different playing styles and give the teams the ability to build different setups and tactics. This means that even the seasoned players can enjoy multiple rounds of kybernetic fun. Players have voice chat and are allowed to enter their gamertag on the lobby while waiting for their friends to join.


Kyber Knights has three different classes to choose from. Players can swap classes whenever they die to try and turn the tide of the match.
  • Squire: well rounded damage dealer. Has a lethal crossbow that can shoot volleys of bolts.

  • Knight: heavy tank that is best used as a supporting role or charging to close quarters combat. Can absorb damage with high health and a large shield.

  • Plague Doctor: most versatile and perhaps hardest to master. Can be used as a long range sniper or supporting role. Heals himself and allies by shooting at them.


The operators perspective is when Kyber Knights really shines. The game is currently played only in LAN, so players will connect instantly and automatically to the server. All match settings is done by the operator via remote control on the host pc (first one that starts the game) and this is where the operator starts the game when everyone is ready. All match and player stats can be seen on each booth on the spectator screen. All defaults can be set from a config file.


The game is still under development. We are launching it to early access to gather data and feedback from other arcades. We have a few updates coming in the near future depending on our early access:
  • Bot support

  • Online multiplayer

  • Additional classes

  • New maps and game modes