Monster Showdown

About This Game

Buy your favorite weapons from a choice of over 60 from a dispenser at the wall or try your luck at the enigmatic box for a chance to get a mighty gun.
You can also attack enemies with melee weapons by swinging your VR controller. The more skillful your swings are the more damage your attacks will deal.

Collect currency by taking down monsters or fixing barriers and spend these on upgrading your weapons or acquiring Perk Donuts from a vending machine.

Explore environments from different points in space and time for a varied experience. Many stages come with unique monsters and boss monsters for you to take down. There is a mix between quick challenge-oriented and wider stages that invite exploration.

Unlock different modifiers by completing certain objectives.
These will allow you to spice up the game by randomizing perk and weapon placement or just adding fun things like big head mode.