Pixel Hack

  • Improve Start button visibility
  • Valve Index support
  • Left-Right Hand support
  • SDK integration

A multiplayer online cooperative shooting game that combines elements of shooting, roguelike, cooperation, bullet hell, dodging, and music. Set in a world that blends reality with fiction, the game uses pixelated art style to give players a nostalgic feeling of playing arcade games from their childhood.

Game Features:

  • Simple Controls: Easy to pick up and play, with a low barrier to entry, enhancing the experience through game mechanics.
  • Pixel Art Style: The game features a retro pixel art style that is uniquely styled.
  • Multiple Weapons: Currently, four types of weapons are available - submachine guns, laser guns, sniper rifles, and cyclone guns, each with distinct modes of attack, allowing players to carry different firearms each game.
  • Roguelike Elements: Over 100 weapon upgrade skills in the game, allowing for different builds each round.
  • Item System: Items provide significant boosts to players during the game.
  • Enemies and Bosses: More than 15 types of enemies and 3 bosses, each with unique abilities.
  • Multiplayer Online: Supports 1-4 players, more people means more fun.
  • Strong Interactivity: PVE + score ranking, with cooperative and competitive attributes.
  • Game Duration: 15 minutes of playtime.


  • Movement: Players can move within a small range to dodge bullets.
  • Selector: Players have a selection beam on their right hand, which can be used to select menus and firearms.
  • Shooting: Press the right-hand trigger to shoot.
  • Item Use: After picking up an item with the left hand, use the trigger to activate.