About PowerBeatsVR

PowerBeatsVR is an adrenaline-pumping, rhythm-based VR fitness game, where you box, dodge, and squat to the energetic beat of the music. You have handmade challenges with leaderboards, an auto-generator for your own music, a level editor, multiple weapons, player statistics, and calorie tracking.


Move with the beat as you punch, squat, leap, and sidestep your way through challenging obstacle courses in several virtual arenas. Shatter incoming boulders into satisfying pieces and see those calories burn. The stronger you hit, the more you move, the more points you get. Will you take on that challenge?


  • Handmade Official Beatmaps: Every challenge perfectly fits the underlying song.
  • Auto-Generator For Your Own Music: Play with any music you like and how you like it. Want less squatting and more dodging? Just change the settings.
  • VR Level Editor: Create your own challenges from scratch, edit auto-generated beatmaps, or import and play beatmaps from other players.
  • 3 Difficulties: No matter your skill, there is a suitable challenge. Work your way up or directly launch the Expert mode and handle an insane amount of targets and obstacles.
  • 4 Unique Weapons: Start with your fists and unlock further weapons as you play.
  • Calorie Tracking: See how many calories you have burnt while playing and set your own goals.
  • Avatar System: Showcase your performance with built-in avatars.
  • Leaderboards: Get to the top of the leaderboards and become number one.

Commercial License Available On:
  • SynthesisVR
VR Stations: