• Mandatory update for Quest 2 Version 51+

  • Windows: Bug fix where QuarkXR on Windows could crash SteamVR
  • Windows: Added Micrphone device that receives the audio from the Android HMD
  • Android: Added Microphone support


QuarkXR should be updated on both Windows and Android or otherwise it will be unable to connect

Don't forget to stop SteamVR before updating QuarkXR on Windows

Bye bye, Cables! You served us well.

QuarkXR is a pioneer company focused on XR streaming and trusted solution provider for companies like Deutsche Telekom, Orange, Vodafone, Ericsson, and others.

SynthesisVR licenses and uses the QuarkXR technology to seamlessly stream and manage android headsets in a device-agnostic manner.

  • Seamless and fully transparent Windows server (you can get rid of the annoying extra device applications)
  • Full "Meta Quest 1 / 2" Support (Coming Soon: HTC Focus 3 and Pico Neo 3 Pro)
  • One click on-the-fly pairing process
  • HMD Hot Swap
  • Variable bitrate with fine-tune settings
  • Fully supported on MobileFuel and SynthesisVR for Android