You have secured a contract to build the world’s first vertical megacity – the Skytropolis. Start with a plot of land and build your dream tower up into the sky! From the architectural design to every part of the interior, you are in full control of creating your skyscraper. Do you rush growth and use resources from surrounding cities, or do you invest in sustainability with eco-friendly infrastructure? Be warned - the more you build, the more you need to balance your Skytropolis’ needs.

  • You are the architect. Design your dream skyscraper the way you want it.
  • Balance is everything. Make your Skytropolis sustainable by going green, improving the lives of your citizens, and managing your economy.
  • Tower mogul or inspired architect? Grow your empire in career mode or explore your creativity in sandbox mode.
  • Unlock more than 50 modules to enhance your megacity.
  • Meet demanding challenges to earn rewards and grow even faster.