Teller Falls

  • Free-Roam:
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Teller Falls is a spine chilling and immersive psychological horror game that plunges players into the heart of an otherworldly nightmare. Prepare to have your sanity tested as you explore a cave system shrouded in darkness with only a flickering flashlight, where every step brings you closer to the abominations lurking within.

A group of hikers have lost their guide while exploring an abandoned mine. Shadowy figures and horrific beasts stalk them, learning the group's weaknesses and fears. The hikers must try and find a way out, but will soon realize their path has already been set before them, ending in a climatic nightmare scene.

The full experience runs for 25-30 minutes and includes three scare themes (Spider, Shadow & Flesh). The playtime can be altered by choosing individual themes at a time, reducing the experience to 10-15 minutes.