The Ruins: VR Escape the Room

The Ruins: VR Escape the Room is a fully room-scale adventure of a lifetime. Your grandfather was a well renown archaeologist who went missing after alluding to his great discovery. He never returned from his last adventure. Through his studies, you managed to track down his last location. Where will this perilous journey take you?

Key Features:

  • Fully room-scale gameplay designed to take full advantage of modern VR. No teleporting or artificial locomotion. (2.1mx1.8m)

  • Many chambers, rooms, and locations to explore. All of them seamlessly connected in this immersive adventure.

  • An epic, short, story about the history of your grandfather and the secrets he uncovered.

  • Several puzzles involving hidden objects, sounds, and symbols to be solved.

  • High definition textures, foliage, and dynamic lighting make a very immersive experience.

  • Professional voice acting, beautiful ambiance, and custom made soundtrack deliver a unique and high quality experience.

  • Spacial audio realistically enhances objects and various other sounds.

  • Two mesmerizing endings.