VR Flight hang-glider

The aliens invade our planet Zenonia, but we are still fighting and defending our last bastion of hope. The source of the priceless crystals is under our control and our resistance succeed to take back the controlling fort. Your mission is to secure the transporter and ensure the new cristal supplies will reach to the fort.

Your mission is to dispose the aliens cannons from the air. Destroy the cannons and don't let the fort fall again!

Save Zenonia!

VR Flight hang-glider is developed in a futuristic atmosphere style. The experiment lasts 2:45 minutes and is perfect for large events with a big crowd. The game is designed to quickly swap the players in and out without the need of any learning curve. No VR controllers are required, making it ideal for first time VR players, kids and adults.

The game supports easy branding through a simple image file replacement.

The game is compatible with the VR Flight Hang-glider simulator.

How to play:

  • Aim at the target until the lasers destroy the object
  • Be accurate and fast, before the transporter's resistance get down