The world of Yoren

The world of Yoren is is a dangerous place filled with mystical creatures, witches and ghouls. You are a lone bounty hunter collecting runes to become the strongest mage of Yoren.

Your journey starts at your hideout deep within Yoren's icy mountains. Here you can safely practice your magic against the dummies in the practice field, or craft potions and wands at your very own forge.

Yoren is currently in early access, this means that some parts of the game are still undergoing development. Currently the game mainly serves as an experimental magic sandbox. Bugs, glitches and performance issues are to be expected.

Before you start looting and exploring the fallen kingdoms and dungeons of Yoren looking for special artifacts and runes you've got to be prepared for anything or anyone crossing your path. All around the world of Yoren are crystals growing. Perfect for brewing potions, or crafting wands. Discover new recipes, ingredients and spells along the way.

Combat, spell casting & runes

Yoren uses cutting-edge VR technology for spell casting. Draw rune shape gestures to select and cast spells, each with their own individual sign and ability. Yoren aims to make use of the newest VR technology, such as the pressure sensitivity in the Valve Knuckles controllers. No button pressing, just squeeze lightly in the controller to activate your spell.

Dungeons & fallen kingdoms

After you've brewed your potions, it's time to enter the dungeon. In Yoren there are several dungeons and fallen kingdoms. In these areas you can collect area-specific loot, and encounter it's boss. With each dungeon or kingdom you beat, you learn a new rune. Each rune has it's own element for example water, fire and blood. Each element has it's own advantages. Some may be more focused on healing, whilst others are far more aggressive depending on your play style.