Samurai VR

Samurai VR allows you to become a samurai to stand as long as you can against different enemies.

From the moment you'll grab a Katana, ninjas will summon a fog of war and will be continuously attacking you with shurikens. Use the Katana to defend from them, as you can survive only three hits.

Time to time they can also throw a bomb towards you - don't try to block it with a Katana, just make a step to side or crouch to dodge it. Keep in mind - you can't move with a joystick in this game so you'll have to move yourself. Make sure you have enough space at least for one small step to the left and right to play this game.

Besides, enemy shinobis can spawn nearby, trying to attack you directly. Your goal would be to hit them first. Most of them won't survive even one hit, but not enemy Samurais. When Samurai will spawn attack him three times as quickly as possible, and don't forget to watch for shurikens and bombs!

If at a certain point you'll feel that it's too easy - don't relax too quickly as the game may become faster over time!