• Available for: PCVR

Date: 2022-10-10

  • NEW: The version includes a Halloween theme
  • NEW: Progression system, creating a story line between levels
  • NEW: Animations and other additions to the 2nd mission
  • The multiplayer now support up to 16 players
  • Players can die - they regenerate 3 seconds later on their starting point
  • The difficulty has been adjusted
  • UI Improvements
  • Fix: HTC Vive Controllers orientation

Date: 2022-07-19

  • Big improvement on performance on large group of players
  • The In Game Hud has been updated to display Antenas life points
  • NEW: The antenas can be charged upon the 6th wave
  • NEW: Teleportation gates
  • Misc graphical or immerssive improvements
The battle takes place on a planet other than Earth, partly inhabited by humans or other alien races. The base is under attack by the Kaireyhs. Some enemy ships have managed to penetrate the defenses. Players must hold out as long as possible to allow the evacuation of as many ships as possible through the space portal. How long will you hold the defense?

  • Kaireyhs is based on a Tower Defense gameplay.
  • Players must protect 4 generators powering a space portal. When the 4 generators are destroyed, the game is over.
  • Science-Fiction universe, semi-realistic visuals for a fast cinematic action shooting game.
  • Playable from 1 to 8 players.
  • Fully customizable game duration from 5mns to a session of 1 hour long.
  • French, English, Spanish, German (Localized and integrated texts and voices).
  • Teleportation for players movement for a soft and easy accessible game experience.
  • Weapons and defense upgrades to make your experience and gameplay even more satisfying.
  • 6 Skins available for the players’ characters.
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