Trails of Gold

Trails of Gold

Date: 2021-07-15

New Update:
  • You can enable/disable the in-build voice chat. Along with the update, and you have to install the new Synthesis plugin that controls the new option.
  • Minor tweaks in the team selection to make it smoother
  • Minor gameplay visual feedbacks with in boss fights
  • Minor changes in the Players cabin at start so they have plenty of space to teleport, and navigate to the frames to select a level or to enter the name.

Date: 2021-07-07

New Update:
  • Two new full small maps (Raids) around 10 minutes each full of fun, new enemies, highly visually entertaining
  • Players have new spots on the boat to move to, in the front of the boat.
  • Players, now, have two alternate ways to select their teams in the lobby
  • Second weapon has more specific Visual FXs
  • Some visual updates in the second level (Rescue of Mermaids)
  • Tweaks on level design on pacing on existing levels
  • Changes in level design in the endless map.

Date: 2021-05-26

New Update:
  • Team selection / Planting your dagger is more fun and easier than it was
  • New improved models & textures and more rewarding animations for the life collectable items
  • Overall improvements

Date: 2021-04-06

  • Endless Mode - a new Synthesis plugin allows to quickly turn it on/off
  • Index Controllers support
  • Overall improvements

« Trails of Gold » (TOG)
Takes you on an Epic Pirate Adventure in Virtual Reality!

Play alone, or as a team and board one of the 2 ships for a limited time adventure. You can play as one team on the same boat or against another team in a second boat. Collaborate to bring back as many magnificent treasures as possible before the other buccaneers. Use your guns and the boats' cannons to neutralize other players or obstacles in the scenery. Hoist the sail to accelerate, or pump water out of your ship when it is sunk by your opponents or enemies.

Game length: between 16&20 minutes maximum cut on this format, 4 minutes maximum for the Lobby/team setup and weapon selection sequence, 10-30 seconds for the captain intro at the start of the race, 14 minutes and 30 seconds maximum for the race in the game including the players results summary screen.

Playable from 1 up to 8 players. From one player, 2, 3, (4 VS 4 ) are sessions adapted to VR arcades hardware setups. Playing together on the same boat against the second boat driven by an AI.

Required age: From 10 years old, for the whole family. TOG is for both casual and experienced players.

Commercial License Available On:
VR Stations: