Nekrotronic VR is an intensely immersive sci-fi shoot ‘em up. Featuring insane action and creepy ghosts from the feature film Nekrotronic, this VR experience will get your heart pumping and your hair standing on end. In this hyper-realistic first person shooter, players experience what it’s like to be a Nekromancer: hunt Ghost-Wraiths, dodge their stealth attacks from the shadows, operate sci-fi technology, 3D print demons and destroy them all with big, bad plasma rifles.

Smash, bash and blast your demon enemies back to HELL!


  • The ultimate VR experience where the user can “become” a Nekromancer
  • Based on the insanely action-packed feature film NEKROTRONIC
  • Intense + original first-person-shooter action
  • Initial weapons tutorial and demon target range practice
  • 2 x fully interactive, highly detailed VR environments to explore
  • Creepy horror atmosphere with jump scares
  • Spatial audio design delivers a hyper-realistic experience
  • Sci-fi pulse weapons to blast ghosts and demons in epic style
  • Nekrotronic theatrical trailer on display
  • Unreal Engine 4 Photorealistic Graphics
  • Stealth attacks from Ghost-Wraiths lurking in the shadows
  • Huge Sound FX design
  • 3D print demons in the Killstation and blast them back to HELL

  • Based on the insanely twisted action-horror film Nekrotronic
  • An intensely immersive action experience
  • Simple, shoot-em up game play
  • Beautifully stylised in-game design