Rotten Apple Free-Roam

  • Free-Roam:
    square_foot (ft)square_foot (m)people

  • Boss rebalancing:
    • Boss deals less damage at “Easy” and “Normal” difficulty
    • Boss has less Health at “Easy” and “Normal” difficulty
  • Fixes the lever and generator cord issues
  • ..many smaller fixes and polishes

  • Patchnotes:
    • Fixed an issue were the mutant wasn't attacking the players
    • Added Chinese localisation
    • Tweaked wave difficulty in Waveshooter-mode
    • No more teleportation outside the Waveshooter boundaries possible
  • Fixed some minor issues:
    • Helicopter not activated with the first flare gun shot
    • Tweaked voice chat
    • Players taking a gun to the lobby
    • Death voice over playing twice
    • Fixed an issue were the gun was sometimes twitching in hand

  • It features a completely reworked player with smoother movements
  • Dogs that attack the players in packs
  • Hazmat suit zombies with explosive gas tanks
  • Screamers that scream at the players fogging their hearing and sight
  • Armored zombies with ballistic helmets and riot shields
  • "Skip Tutorials" support
  • Dead zombies leave behind permanent limbs and blood stains
  • New difficulty levels for the Story and Wave modes
  • Quality of life improvement: option to skip intros
  • Bug fix for bhaptics haptic vest
  • Various polishes and balancing improvements (e.g. story bossfight has been reworked to be more challenging and engaging)

  • New level
  • New guns (UZI, shotgun revolver)
  • New enemy type (big mutant)
  • Introduction of power-ups
  • Introduction of money and shops
  • Introduction of upgrades
  • Introduction of ghost mode
  • French Localization
  • New animations for the infected
  • Changed credits level: visual rework
  • Changed enemy type “crawlers”: they don’t spit poison from afar (too hard for novice players), they scream and attack up close
  • Fixed that players could die in adventure mode
  • Fixed that shotgun could only be reloaded if completely empty

  • The entire game is now Halloween themed, from the music to the environment
  • The Zombies have pumpkin-heads for the "real" halloween feeling
  • Player get a trick or treat bucket on their arm, and can compete on who gathers the most candy in the game
  • Various backend updates (Performance and connectivity updates)
Since the outbreak, New York has been turned into an isolated quarantine zone. You and your squad are just on the way to the quarantine zone border to reinforce the guard when an unexpected emergency call forces you to enter. Those who enter the quarantine zone rarely return. Can you and your team survive?
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