• A few changes to the game's soundscape/music, to make it more stressful and scare
  • Added damage to players when they try to reach through doors to try to cheat

The war against the Kaireyhs has been going on for several decades. Conflicts are raging in different planetary systems. The humans have just won their first major victory against the Kaireyhs. They have succeeded in a battle against a flagship. The ship has been captured and scientists have been sent to study the wreckage. Their goal, gather information to help the next attacks against the enemies of humans.

You, Players are a unit sent to the wreckage site to join the scientists. The contact has been lost for a few hours, probably due to transmission problems. The wreckage is in orbit around a planet in an asteroid field.

You move around the scenery using teleportation, or teleporters.

You have different objectives in parallel:
  • Find the scientists.
  • Collect DNA, individual scoring by player.
  • Defend themselves from possible dangers.
  • Understand what happened...

You have 1 type of weapon: A laser gun, which makes unlimited rapid fire. You may interact with set elements, futuristic interfaces, mechanical mechanisms to open doors, control the emission of toxic gases and many others devices.

  • RAVAGE K1S1 is a Horror adventure game in a Science Fiction universe, in the universe of the game Kaireyhs from La Suite Studio.
  • Science Fiction universe, semi realistic visuals for a young adult / adult audience.
  • 1 Game Mode at launch with two game duration Short (30 minutes) or Long (up to one hour).
  • 1 Mission at launch.
  • Game in Arcade / box mode like TOG / Kaireyhs.
  • 6 3D models (Skins) of main characters.

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